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Suffocating in Delhi? Find Your Way Into This Building That Manufactures Its Own Clean Air!

Suffocating in Delhi? Find Your Way Into This Building That Manufactures Its Own Clean Air!

Delhi may be constantly in the news for increased levels of air pollution, but there is one building in the city that has taken it upon itself to be the greenest of them all.

In fact, it is so conscious of adding to pollution that it actually creates its own purified air!

green building

Photo source: Facebook

Finding this hard to believe? Well, the Paharpur Business Centre, boasts of doing just that. A unique initiative, the building, which was built in 1990, is six-floors high. From the outside, it looks like every other building in the capital. Step inside and you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of plants.

Speaking to Huffington Post, the CEO of the business centre Kamal Meattle said, “There are over 1,200 plants, or four to every employee on an average – the number of plants it takes to supply quality breathing air for one person.”

It was in 1992 that Kamal took it upon himself to run one of the “healthiest” buildings when his doctors told him to leave Delhi because the city’s acrid atmosphere had decreased his lung capacity drastically.

green building 2

Photo source: Facebook

Since then, he has ensured that the 50,000-square-feet building is generously filled with plants and air purifiers. Depending on the number of people working in a floor, plants are strategically placed. While the building sports air conditioning, they are only switched on during the weekends.

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The air inside the building is incredibly pure. After the air that enters the building from outside is processed through a purification system, it is circulated among the plants inside a Greenhouse above the sixth floor. This way, harmful gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and more are removed along with bacteria.

In fact, the building is so committed to green living that its bulbs are actually LED lights and its windows are covered with jute nets to reduce the heat. It even sports a cafe called Cafe Einstein that will only serve organic food!

Hopefully, this is the first among many such buildings across the world.

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