Hyderabad Animal Lovers, a New ID Card Makes Caring for Your Stray Four-Legged Pals Simpler

People for Animals, a Hyderabad-based voluntary organisation, issues these identification cards to make feeding strays and taking care of their rescue and welfare easier.

Stray animals on India’s streets don’t have an easy life, what with the lack of food and hygiene and apathetic, even hostile, people. However, countless animal lovers in every city, rather neighbourhood, ensure that stray animals are not left uncared for.

A new “community animal protectors” card now offers formal identification for such volunteers in Hyderabad, and assistance in protecting strays.


Image source: By Achat1234 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The card has been created by People for Animals (PFA) Hyderabad, a city-based animal welfare organisation. People feeding and caring for strays are often at the receiving end of complaints and harassment by those who see stray animals as a nuisance. Lack of formal identification also makes it difficult for them to engage in legal procedures involving animals such as rescues or adoptions.

Reethi Marella, a spokesperson of PFA, says, “We want to use this as a means of identifying and solving animal welfare issues in each neighbourhood more efficiently.” The PFA team aims to have groups of 4-5 individuals in every locality, connected to each other via the organisation, who can work to solve these issues.

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“We have a special training session for everyone who applies, so that they are aware of every issue they might face,” says Reethi. Identification cards are only issued once training is over, and further training is offered to those interested in leading animal rescues and rehabilitation.

The card is currently available to Hyderabad residents, and can be availed in any neighbourhood.

In order to apply for the card, head to the enrolment section of PFA’s website, download the form and send it to the office with identification and address proof. You can also email the completed form to communication@pfahyd.org.

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