These 10 Powerful Images Shut down All Who Blame Women’s Clothes for Sexual Assault

AIE Services has published a powerful new photo series that depicts images of real sexual assault victims wearing the clothes they were wearing during the attack

Usually when the gory details of molestation, sexual harassment, and rape cases become news in India, some people end up erroneously dissecting the clothes worn by the victims to find a reason or a justification for the attacks. A powerful photo series by AIE Services passionately argues that a victim’s clothes are never “asking for it.”

The Mumbai-based company that offers photography solutions has come up with a series of haunting images of real women and the clothes they were wearing the day they got assaulted. Each picture comes with a description of the clothing, the assault, the age of the victim and a link to the news story that provides more details about the incident. The album also has one image featuring actor Ranveer Singh, detailing his experience with casting couch in Bollywood.

Here are some of the hard-hitting images:

Assault 1
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Jeans and top #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 2
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Dress #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 3
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Long Gown #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 5
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Formal Dress #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 4
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Frock #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 6
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Casuals #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 8
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Dress #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter

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assault 9
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Backless Dress #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter
assault 10
Clothes worn by VICTIM : Lehenga #NeverAskedForIt #DidItMatter

The team behind the series painstakingly provides an impassioned argument against victim shaming. They note that it is time we stop blaming clothes for rape. With every picture, they ask only a simple question – Did it matter?

With each image it becomes clearer – no, it doesn’t.

The full series can be viewed here

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