VIDEOS: Mangroves – Protecting Coastlines, Combating Climate Change & Saving Corals

Mangrove forests are said to be one of nature's best 'Carbon sinks', which makes them a very essential component for combating climate change.

Mangroves protect coastlines, are the beacons of hope for marine diversity, and essentially combat climate change. Saving these mangroves and growing new forests are essential tasks that we must undertake to save our planet.

Watch the video here:


Scientific evidence claim that mangroves are nature’s weapons against climate change. A buffer zone between the land & the sea, they:

  • Protect the land from erosion
  • Protect the coast from cyclones & storm surges
  • Soak up excess CO2

And are said to be one of nature’s best carbon sinks!

Apart from this they also serve as a haven for corals and marine diversity. A typical mangrove also has 182 tonnes of biomass above ground per hectare. Scientists claim that mangrove restoration is a conservation tool promoting ecosystems, community empowerment, climate change adaptation, carbon storage, fisheries enhancement.

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