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A Team of Researchers from IISc Bangalore Could Make Our WiFi 1000 Times Faster

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Researchers from the famed Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, may have cracked the code to making your WiFi 1,000 times faster than it already is.

According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, a team from IISc has made transistors out of graphene instead of silicone (the material that transistors are generally made out of). Graphene-based transistors, unlike their silicone counterparts, consume lesser power and don’t heat up as quickly. Thus they can allow high-speed signals reaching the Terra Hertz (THz) range.

According to professor Mayanka Shrivastava, the lead researcher behind the project, this discovery is a game-changer with many real world implications (and no, he is not talking about faster Facebook browsing).


He says the technology will help catch terrorists and criminals because THz radiation can scan a person’s body remotely and discreetly for metallic objects and plastic explosives.


The India Institute of Science. Photo source: Wikimedia

Such incredible speed also allows for faster communications. For example, the data received and sent to various space missions, such as ones to Mars, won’t take months but just hours to reach. “Our discovery has enabled graphene transistors, which are better than the rest of the world. With graphene transistors, one can think of wireless communication that may be 1000 times faster than present day 4G or 5G technologies. Such speeds are required for communication between satellites, between spacecraft and in interplanetary operations,” he told Bangalore Mirror. 

While there are certain roadblocks ahead before the technology is ready for mass production, the researchers are confident it will be done before 2022. The discovery has already broken performance records set across the world, including the one set by IBM research centre from the US.

Featured image source: Flickr

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