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This Indian-Pakistani Couple’s Love Story Is So Beautiful It Has Taken the Internet by Storm!

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Huda and Maneet’s romantic story is the stuff movies are made of. They come from fairly traditional families and belong to different communities and religions. Huda is a Pakistani woman who says she didn’t believe in love until she met Maneet, an Indian from the Jain community. They had to fight for several years before their families accepted their relationship. Today, their triumphant wedding video has gone viral across the Internet — perhaps because of the seemingly insurmountable odds that were stacked against them.

Filmed and uploaded by the Wedding Filmer (a company that is known for its cinematic depictions of Indian weddings), the video has been shared over 550 times on Facebook and has over 1,00,000 views.

In the video, Huda talks about how she tried her best to forget Maneet despite having dated for four years because she was scared of the backlash. But the duo was sure about one thing — they would never get married without the approval of their parents. The task seemed impossible at first as Maneet’s family told him to leave the house if he chose Huda.

But love prevailed in the end and the families finally blessed the couple.


Photo source: Facebook

“I feel like this is a point where six people have changed their beliefs. Her parents changed their beliefs…my parents changed their beliefs,” says Maneet.

When asked why he thought the families changed their worldviews and accepted them, Maneet’s answer is simple — it was love.

The Magnificent Validation Of Your Triumphant LoveDestiny isn’t just a hidden power that controls the future; destiny is a set of decisions you make, however big or small, that determines the eventual design of your purpose. In a world where religion and origin have become grounds for division, Huda and Maneet show us that love lies in unity. #love #interculturalmarriage #theweddingfilmer #unity #destiny #dubai

Posted by The Wedding Filmer on Thursday, December 15, 2016

People on social media platforms have taken to comments sections not only to leave positive messages for the young couple and their parents but also to reminisce about their own love stories. They have proved once and for all that The Beatles were right — love is all you need.

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