A Bengaluru-Based Startup Is Promoting Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations & They Are Terrific!

A Bangalore-based start-up called A2 Naturals is revamping wedding traditions by promoting eco-friendly wedding invitations. The invites contain a 7.5 cm high ‘Seedball Ganesha’ idol, which is embedded with plant seeds!

A Bangalore-based start-up called A2 Naturals is revamping wedding traditions by promoting eco-friendly wedding invitations. The invites contain a 7.5 cm high ‘Seedball Ganesha’ idol, which is embedded with plant seeds!

Big Fat Indian Weddings neither go out of style nor out of discussion. Wedding trends are always the talk of the town and although new trends come up every now and then, there are only a few that have the potential to go a long way.

Keeping this in mind, Bengaluru-based start-up A2 Naturals has introduced eco-friendly wedding invitations, which they hope will appeal to the aware modern consumer looking to make a difference to the planet.


This healthcare and lifestyle brand, which promotes organic farming and Ayurveda, is excited about its new concept.

“Considering the fact that an impressive amount is spent on each wedding invitation, which loses its significance once the wedding is over, we thought an idol of Ganesha that would sprout and grow into a tree when planted would make a really memorable gift,” says Shivali Malthesh, Head of Sales and Marketing, A2 Naturals.

Almost every wedding card design carries the image of Lord Ganesha, which symbolises blessings for the couple on their happy day. The Seedball Ganesha idol that A2 Naturals is promoting will be a 3D replacement for the large plastic impressions or embossing of Ganesha on the thick wedding cards.

“People find it difficult to throw the cards away as they have the image of Ganesha on them. Eventually, they just end up sitting on a stash of wedding cards, which keeps on increasing. But the Seedball Ganesha, when planted in soil, gives birth to a tree that can decorate someone’s backyard for life,” says Shivali.

The seeds that are placed in the idol can be customised according to the couple’s wishes by the company.

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A2 Naturals came up with the concept of the Seedball Ganesha this year on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. With thousands of Ganesha idols being immersed into water bodies across the country, the festival was a major cause of water pollution. To counter this problem, the company introduced GoMaye Ganesha: Ganesha idols made from 100% natural ingredients like cow dung, which release micro-organisms once they dissolve, and cleanse water bodies.

Similarly, the Seedball Ganesha concept is eco-friendly too. The company has collaborated with farmers in the village of Mallasandra in Tumkur district near Bengaluru, and trained them in making Seedball Ganesha idols.

Seedball Ganesha

“These eco-friendly wedding invitations will not only help the environment but will be beneficial for the farmers too. When the Seedball Ganesha was limited to the Ganesha festival, it was a seasonal employment opportunity for the farmers. But the year-round bulk orders for wedding cards will help provide a more regular source of income to the farmers,” says Shivali.

Currently, the company is trying to promote the idea of eco-friendly wedding cards to a niche audience through a network of wedding planners and wedding card designers.

Mekala Murali, a wedding card designer with her own venture under the name of Pathrika Cards, happily endorses A2 Naturals’ eco-friendly wedding cards.

“A good percentage of my clients want eco-friendly ideas for invitations. While some of them opt for recycled paper to print their cards, many prefer e-invitations sent out by email in order to completely eliminate paper usage. The Seedball Ganesha idols are a very novel idea. One can make them a part of wedding invitations or give them away as memorable return gifts –- the result is that every time your guests look at the plants growing in their gardens, they’ll be reminded of your wedding,” says Mekala.

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To know more, visit the official website of A2 Naturals here.

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