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How many of us have cringed when handed the dreadful plastic bag, but found ourselves helpless in its omnipotent presence? How many of us have been alarmed at studies that

How many of us have cringed when handed the dreadful plastic bag, but found ourselves helpless in its omnipotent presence? How many of us have been alarmed at studies that point to the potential damage caused by a single plastic bag, let alone the millions that are consumed everyday? How many of us have wished that action groups, corporations, the government – someone would take a stand against this widespread menace of plastic and do something about it? Well, it’s time to stop wishing and start acting! And here’s a website and blog that helps you get started.

cowLess Plastic More Life is a creative effort by Vinod and his friends to spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bags. Ironically, Vinod is a polymer engineer by training, which perhaps gives him greater authority to speak on the subject. Informative, interesting and effective, the website is not preachy but actually conveys the message in an innovative, easy-to-swallow capsule. There is a blog linked to the website, that takes us to a highly engaging set of articles, campaigns, posters, news and snippets from around the world that are sure to inspire and help any reader in kicking the plastic and adopting more environment-friendly alternatives.

One of their most effective campaigns has been a poster of a dead cow in a plastic bag (shown on top), which depicts that accepting a plastic bag is as bad as killing a cow. And with good reason. An excerpt from an article titled Plastic Bags kill Cows. Please decide which is more sacred to you on their blog:

Many people have been laughing their heads off at Maneka Gandhi’s contention that drinking milk can be harmful to health. They find it ludicrous that milk-which is considered the very epitome of good health across the country-can be hazardous. Or the gentle cow-revered across the country as a harbinger of prosperity-can bring any harm. But Maneka’s submissions are proving to be true, if in a different way. The Animal Husbandry Department of Uttar Pradesh has come up with an alarming discovery: Milk from cows which have polythene bags clogging their stomachs can cause diseases like tuberculosis and cancer.

Not to mention what happens to the cows.

Sprinkled with a generous helping of interesting videos, like the one shown here, the blog makes for good reading.


 It also has some wonderful designs for cloth bags, for any NGO or manufacturer who can take the idea forward and make them available to the public. Vinod has helped in the creation of several other campaigns including some for the World Wildlife Fund and one that encourages people to plant trees by making it simple (www.treesforfree.org). You can find some of his work here.

So learn, adopt and implement. Lead a life less plastic. It’s not as tough as you think. Visit lessplasticmorelife today and be the change you wish to see.

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