These People Brought Smiles to Others during the On-Going Demonetisation Drive

Little acts of kindness during the on-going demonetization drive helped ease a few lives in these cash-crunched times. This is how.

Angry, frustrated, and unhappy faces are not an uncommon sight in the long, overflowing queues at banks these days. But while all of us deal with the current cash crisis in our own ways, there are some who are proactively helping others through these tough times. Here are a few examples that will gladden your heart and restore your faith in humanity:

Meet Mumtaz Engineer from Hubli, Karnataka. She has been a vegetable vendor for almost her entire life. This 50-year old is giving away vegetables for free to the less fortunate.

“Daily wage workers buy vegetables at the end of the day. They haven’t been paid by their bosses because banks are giving out limited cash. These people need to feed their families. So, I’m doing my bit. To a few I have given free vegetables, others have taken vegetables on credit,” she says.

Akhil Krishna from Bengaluru has decided he will exchange his bank notes later, about a month from now. Here is what he shared on his Facebook timeline:

I will visit a bank to exchange my notes, only after a month or so. I can manage with a credit card till then. I will…

Posted by Akhil Krishna on Thursday, November 10, 2016

“I will visit a bank to exchange my notes only after a month or so. I can manage with a credit card till then. I will give a chance to domestic workers, vegetable vendors, roadside shopkeepers, etc., to exchange their notes first. Their need is more urgent and pressing than mine.”

Harini Calamur from Mumbai drew up a list of suggestions and shared it with her Facebook friends. Here are her thoughts:

#Demonetisation – what you can do to help:
a) make sure you help people in your universe – drivers, maids, cooks,…

Posted by Harini Calamur on Sunday, November 13, 2016

#Demonetisation – what you can do to help:
a) Make sure you help people in your universe – drivers, maids, cooks, building security, to get liquidity
b) Order on your cashless system for them – grains, essentials.
c) Help them with paying utilities – with your debit/credit cards (it can be adjusted from their salary).
d) Help seniors in your area to get their cash exchanged – go with them if needed.
e) If you can do without going to the bank for the next few days, don’t add to the crowd there.
Will all of these help all the people in India – No. But, will it help 4-5 people in your universe – Yes. Can you do this?
I know that it is an inconvenience. All of us are facing it too. But, it is also a given – so the question is what can you do to help?
And, while intelligent people debate on whether it impacts black money or taxation in the long run; can you help your world in the very short run?

Amber Dubey from Gurgaon used his debit card to buy groceries for his security guard and driver. “We have to do our share, at least for people who are associated with us and our households,” he says.


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