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Angels of Demonetization: People and Businesses Who Won Hearts during the Money Crisis

These are the stories of people who did not complain during the demonetisation crisis but tried to deal with the situation by making sure the needy were well served.

The demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 banknotes by the Government of India on November 8, 2016, ensured that all such notes ceased to be legal tender starting November 9, 2016.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an unscheduled live televised address to the nation at 8 pm on November 8. In the announcement, Modi declared the circulation of all Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series as invalid and announced the issuance of new  Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi New Series in exchange for the old banknotes.

Many citizens supported this move as the first step towards curbing black money in the country. However, virtually everyone was inconvenienced by the move, with people waiting in long queues to deposit or exchange their money at banks that were overwhelmed by the sudden rush and were also ill-stocked with the new banknotes.

But there was another side to the story too. There were many instances of common men and women helping each other. Stories of people who did not complain but tried to deal with the situation by making sure the needy were well served.

A hospital announced free treatment, medicines to patients who did not have the new currency to pay for its services.

Dr. Chandan Kumar Yadav
Photo source – Twitter

Vinayaka Hospital And Research Centre, a private hospital in the Mahuatoli Namkum area of Ranchi announced free treatment and medicines for all patients from 10-13 November, in the immediate aftermath of the demonetisation that inconvenienced most people. This initiative was taken by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and owner of the hospital, Chandan Kumar Yadav.

“We are supporting the Prime Minister’s step that is the important thing. And the most important thing is that lives matter, not money,” Kumar said to ANI

“This will go on till November 13, till the country’s economy normalizes a little and till people do not get Rs. 2,000 or Rs. 4,000. I have even put up notices in nearby areas that Dr. Chandan Kumar and Vinayaka Hospital will provide everything free from patients’ treatment, operation, surgery, ICU, anything. Be it medicines, tests, ECG and X-ray, we are doing it free of cost,” he added.

A tea-seller embraces demonetisation by accepting online payments

Monu, the tea seller accepts his payments through Paytm
Photo Source

Monu, a tea seller in the R.K. Puram area of Delhi, has started using Paytm to accept customer payments as low as Rs.7.

“I have recently started using Paytm because there is crunch of change. This step helps my customers as they can easily pay through Paytm and sip their tea without any worries. Ever since I have started this service, my Paytm customers are increasing. Accepting online payments even for as less as Rs. 7 is my way of helping the people and showing support for demonetisation,” says Monu.

Monu’s customers are also happy since they don’t have to worry about bringing in change to have their daily cup of tea.

A hotel is offering free food to tourist families affected by demonetisation

“All tourists (families) please do not worry if you are carrying only Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. Please have your meal here and pay on your next visit.”
Photo source

Travellers on National Highway 6 near Balapur, Akola (in Maharashtra) will be pleased to see this banner in front of a hotel.

It says, “All tourists (families) please do not worry if you are carrying only Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. Please have your meal here and pay on your next visit.”

The banner has been put up outside Maratha Hotel in Akola by its owner Murlidhar Raut.

Raut realized that tourists would be the people most affected by the demonetisation move since they would not have access to any cash to have their meals. So he came up with this heart warming idea of offering free meals.

The Better India commends these businesses for the thoughtfulness and compassion shown towards their fellow citizens.

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