TBI Blogs: Patna University’s Library Has Been Closed for 2 Years and This 19-Year-Old Is Fighting to Reopen It

Patna University's library has remained shut for the last two years, making accessing academic books difficult for students. One call from you can help change that.

Patna University’s library has remained shut for the last two years, making accessing academic books difficult for students. One call from you can help change that.

Patna University in Bihar was founded in the year 1917 and is the seventh oldest university in India. For close to a hundred years, countless students have walked the hallowed halls of the University. The alumni consists of many brilliant minds, from various walks of life; including the current Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar and Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of Sulabh International. The educational prowess of the university and its ability to nurture trailblazers is undeniable.

However, for the last two years, the doors of this great university’s library have remained firmly shut, preventing students from accessing important academic books.


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While more than 3,000 students of the University, studying in eight different faculties, continue to suffer from the negligence, Syed Amir Abbas, a 19-year-old History Honours student of Patna University, chose not to sit quiet. He is determined to have the library opened for all its students, once again.

“Almost two and a half years ago, our seniors requested college authorities to keep the library open for 24 hours, during college days,” recounts Amir.

Following the refusal of the University to give in to the demands and protests of students, the library was shut without citing a reason.


Underprivileged students have been most affected by this move, since the shutting down of the library has made access to academic books financially unviable. A good reference book, on a single subject or topic, can cost students a minimum of Rs. 2,000. Should students decide to buy the reference books, few are likely to have any money left to pay the expensive tuition fees.

Many students are now being forced to rely on notes, but it is clear that a lack of access to academic books is resulting in a debilitating impact on their studies and their marks; a fact made more distressing by the fact that the books they so desperately need are only a locked door away.

Some students have made the effort to get answers from the University authorities, but to no avail: “Earlier, they said that they had shut the library for renovation purposes. But no such thing has happened either,” Amir reveals.

In the beginning of October, 2016, Amir and his classmates yet again presented their case before the Student Welfare Dean. However, no action was taken.

“There is a reason why we all go to a government college. We are students from lower-middle income groups who cannot possibly afford a private institution, let alone the books. But in any educational institute, it is our right to gain knowledge and education,” says Amir.

You can watch Amir talk about the students’ struggle to reopen the library here:

Amir has made this video for IndiaUnheard, in order to reach out to more individuals and gather their support to help the students of Patna University.

You can raise your voice in support of the students by reaching out to the Student Welfare Dean (or other, high-ranking college authorities) and asking them to make all efforts to open the doors of the library soon. You can reach the Dean at this number – 0612-2671826. Do your bit to ensure right to education of all, now.

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