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Video Launched by Deepika Padukone’s Foundation Against Depression Sheds New Light on Mental Health

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Topics such as mental health do not receive as much importance as they should in our country, where fifteen people commit suicide every hour. Therefore, it is heartening when public figures like Deepika Padukone have informed conversations around mental health issues.

Stigma and discrimination are very often the reasons why people with mental illnesses are hesitant to utilise mental health services. According to a paper published by the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, this discrimination “contributes to delays in seeking care, impedes timely diagnosis and treatment for mental disorders, serves as an impediment to recovery and rehabilitation, and ultimately reduces the opportunity for fuller participation in life.”

A WHO report from 2011 claims that India is the “most depressed” country in the world.


A video on depression, released on October 10th, World Mental Health Day, by Deepika’s Live Laugh Love Foundation, highlights the importance of empathising with people who suffer from mental illnesses.

[embedvideo id=”7Ko6MaXjq6U” website=”youtube”]


Clinical depression is tagged as the ‘silent killer’ by some mental health professionals because sufferers often refrain from telling their family or loved ones about how they feel. This video sheds light on the significance of just asking someone if they’re okay and if you can help.

If you are/know someone who suffers from a mental illness, click here to seek help.

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