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This Facebook Group Helps Entrepreneurs Hire, Connect, and More

This Facebook Group Helps Entrepreneurs Hire, Connect, and More

“Starting a business is not an easy task. Many young people coming out of colleges with the hopes of becoming entrepreneurs, don’t know how to register a company, how to develop an app, how to reach to the target audience, how to build the right team, etc.,” says Abhishek Kumar Gupta, the admin of a Facebook community named Startup Delhi.

It was in September last year that Abhishek started the Facebook group just a platform to bring together like-minded people who would be willing to help each other by answering questions and sharing resources.


“Back then, we were just a Facebook group with a vision to connect entrepreneurs with other meaningful people who have the required experience. Slowly, the community started to grow with people asking me questions on how to start a company, how to get funding, whom to approach for mentorship,” he says.

Today, Startup Delhi is a community of 31,000 people and Abhishek is planning to register Startup Delhi Private Limited as a company. The group has become a place for people to post job vacancies, looks for jobs, post resumes, share reading resources for other entrepreneurs, post requests for mentorship, etc.

Abhishek also organises offline events in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru where budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts get together for activities like co-founder matchmaking; or to discuss topics like crowd funding, how to raise funds, start blogging, hire the right candidates, etc.


“Startup Delhi is a platform for entrepreneurs to hire the suitable candidate for a job, find partners and most importantly its network where a lot of active member of the community help each other out,” says Abhishek.

Regular meet-ups that are organised almost every week give group-members a space to get together in person and share experiences and learnings.


This way he has worked with and helped 30-35 startups in some way or the other. An MBA in Marketing graduate, Abhishek is also closely working on mentoring some startups and helping a few others raise funds. After working for three years with media and education companies, he decided to quit his job and focus on startup Delhi to help it grow.

“If anyone wants to open a co-working space, I help them with the infrastructure, engagement, functioning, etc.,” says Abhishek who is currently freelancing to raise funds and is also preparing to start his own venture soon.

Join the group here.

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