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This Girl Celebrated Her Dog’s 14th Birthday by Treating 70 Street Dogs to the Bash of a Lifetime!

Sneha Trivedi, a resident of Pune, recently celebrated her dog’s birthday in a unique way. Sneha’s dog Onyx turned 14 on September 5 and her family organised a big party for him.

This Girl Celebrated Her Dog’s 14th Birthday by Treating 70 Street Dogs to the Bash of a Lifetime!

“It was my sister who bought Onyx home and honestly, I was a bit scared of dogs at that time. But once he came into our lives, we understood that dogs don’t harm us in any way. They just treat us with love and compassion, which is harmless,” says Sneha Trivedi, who recently celebrated her dog’s birthday in a unique way. Sneha’s dog Onyx turned 14 on September 5.

While she and her family have been celebrating his birthday for many years now, they thought of making this one special by organizing a birthday party with stray dogs in the area.


“There is a lady in our neighbourhood who prepares food for dogs. We purchased food from her and went to feed them in Vimaan Nagar area,” says Sneha, a resident of Pune. Together with her family, she fed about 70 dogs in all.

“Their expressions were unimaginable. Onyx went along with us to feed his friends, or should I say, to supervise and ensure that we are feeding his friends properly.”


An IT professional, 25-year-old Sneha is also involved in animal rescue activities. She, along with her friends, conducts sterilization drives for dogs, and provides anti-rabies vaccines with the help of local organizations.

Additionally, she has a home-based pet boutique business, and all funds obtained from there are directed towards animal welfare activities.


“The idea behind this was to create awareness regarding the welfare of animals in our society. Even as pet owners, we can plan something like this. Not necessarily a feeding drive; it can be anything related to stray dogs to make their lives better. We should not be scared of stray dogs because if we get scared, run, or throw stones, they get aggressive. Otherwise, they always understand that we are not there to harm them,” she says.

A dedicated pet-lover, Sneha has written a letter for Onyx.


Dear Onyx,

I had wanted a dog for years and had gone without one because of life, studies, and all other commitments. And when I finally met you, your sweet nature immediately drew me towards you.

I was in love with you when we brought you home as a six-weeks-old pup. You are the sweetest cuddler and love me like a brother. You were my baby. You still are today. As you’ve grown up, you have continued to amaze me with your intelligence and hilarious temperament. I know you get into trouble sometimes and I’m very easy on you because you really don’t know better. When you wake me up at 5 am every morning to go for a walk, it sets the tone for my entire day. And it is always the best to start my days with your cuddles.

You are going to be the best big brother to the new member of our family when she’s born in December. I look forward to watching you two sleep, play, and grow up together. I know you and I know you’ll always protect her from whatever comes her way.

Onyx, you are my best friend. You’re funny and sweet and always make me smile. I just want you to know how much better life is with you around.

When I think of all the things I’m thankful for, you are at the top of my list. My life would be incomplete without you. Every day is better because I always have your smiling face and wiggly butt to come home to.

I will never be able to truly explain our bond. When I am in a bad mood and can do something to make you happy, it makes me smile. You love me unconditionally–and I love you. You were there when no one else was and you never left my side. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

You have changed my world. I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love you. You made me realize that animals deserve to live with dignity. You have taught me to help stray animals who are in need or pain. You were the reason why I decided to feed around 70 stray dogs on your birthday.

You have been there for me through the good and bad times. I know I spoil you too much, but you deserve to be spoiled as much as possible! You are a precious gift from God that I cherish you every day!

We all love you Onyx.

Here are some more pictures from the party:






You can know more about Sneha’s pet boutique here and help her serve more animals.

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