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TBI Giveaway #4: The Lady And The Peacock – The Life of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma

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International Women’s Day 2013 is on 8th March. Here at The Better India, we are paying tribute to the indomitable spirit of women in our own special way. Starting with the giveaway of a biography of one of the most remarkable women of our times, to several stories of women with exceptional grit and determination, who are working to bring about a positive change in their communities. Join us as we celebrate the women around us, and thank them for their infinite sacrifices and courage to hold on and make things better.

This week, we are giving away a copy of The Lady and the Peacock by Peter Popham – the definitive biography of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s pro-democracy leader. Known and admired the world over for her bravery and commitment to democracy even at a great personal cost, this Nobel Peace Prize winner has epitomized the struggle for freedom and the indomitable spirit of a woman and a leader for 25 years.

In spite of being kept under house arrest for 15 years, and not allowed to see her husband who was suffering from cancer and eventually died from it, Suu Kyi kept a calm composure and a positive outlook. Her non-violent methods eventually paid off, as Burma enacted large-scale democratic reforms and held elections last year.

The Lady and the Peacock
The Lady and the Peacock – by Peter Popham

The book is an incisive look at Aung San Suu Kyi – the wife, the mother, the daughter, the individual and the democratic leader. And here’s your chance to win a copy for free! In order to participate, all you need to do is tell us of other remarkable women you have come across in India who are similarly working for a positive change. They need not be great political leaders or famous personalities, we would most love to know of the unsung hero(ine) in your neighbourhood who is selflessly helping others in need or improving things around her. We want to know and honour these women who inspire us every single day!

You could send in your entries on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. Or just write to us: The best entries will be broadcast to all our readers. The contest is on till 10th March 2013. Brought to you in partnership with Random House India.

Update on 13th March 2013:
Congratulations to the winner for this contest, Priya VK Singh, who wrote to us to tell us about the exemplary work done by women she knows. These women will be featured on TBI very soon! A big thank you to everyone who participated and introduced us to so many remarkable women.


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