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A Woman From the Northeast Encounters the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’ Aboard a Local Train


People go to Mumbai to fulfil their dreams. But this city often teaches them something else too – an attitude of sharing and caring for fellow citizens. Roshni Rai, a resident of the city since 2004, was witness to one such thrilling incident aboard a Mumbai local train.

On Sept. 6, Roshni, an advocate and marathon runner, was travelling on a Mumbai local train on the Central Line for some work related to a Foundation she runs. When the train stopped at Nahur station she saw a woman on the platform putting her young children, aged 7 and 4, on the train as she prepared to climb up herself behind them.

But the train started before the woman could do so and she was left stranded on the station, with her children aboard the now speeding train.


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What the women in the ladies compartment did next – in a matter of just 3 minutes – to unite the children with their mother, is something that exemplifies the true spirit of Mumbai. It will warm your heart to read what Roshni had to say about this in a Facebook post she shared:

Spirit of Mumbai.

As usual, I was travelling by a local train in ladies compartment. I was sitting in the window seat….


Posted by Roshni Rai on Tuesday, 6 September 2016


If you cannot read the post above, here is what she wrote:


“Spirit of Mumbai.

As usual, I was travelling by a local train in ladies compartment. I was sitting in the window seat. In Nahur, a lady put her son of around 7 yrs & daughter of around 4 yrs inside the train but before she could get in, train started. She was wearing saree. I could clearly see her, considering to jump & board the train but thankfully she did not.

Daughter started howling & crying inside the train. Ladies around her were trying to console her. One very smart lady wearing pink kurta asked the son, if he knows his mother’s no. Boy gave his mother’s no. That smart lady immediately made the call. I heard her asking, where she should help the children to alight from the train. Mother said, Bhandup. By then our train was entering Bhandup station.


That smart lady shouted, ‘who is getting down in Bhandup & wait till these children’s mother reaches here?’.

Another smart lady said, ‘I can wait’.

Train stopped & children got down in Bhandup with the lady wearing black kurta. All these happened just in 3mins.


“I love Mumbai & its spirit. Hats off to the spirit of Mumbai.”

When asked by TBI how she felt on seeing this incident, Roshni said, “I felt very proud of Mumbaikers from whom I have learnt a lot. I felt that’s the spirit of Mumbai, that’s why Mumbai stands out. No matter how busy people are in Mumbai, they always have time to help other in such kind of situations.

Roshni is originally from a small village near Darjeeling and says she “grew up” after moving to Mumbai in 2004. The city has been “like a university to me,” she added. “Though it is a very crowded city but everybody gets the space to do their own thing. Now I am moving back to Darjeeling with all the experiences I have gained in Mumbai, which has given me the confidence to empower North East India.”

The Facebook post was originally published here.


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