VIDEO: Visually Challenged Caroline Casey Travelled Through South India on the Back of an Elephant

The story of how Caroline Casey overcame struggles to pursue her dream of travelling, by coming to India and travelling on the back of an elephant.

Caroline Casey, an Irish woman had dreams of being a ‘biker chick’ and whizzing past towns and cities on her two-wheeler. A trip to India later made her dream come true; the only difference being the mode of transport.

As a young girl, she was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism, which effects the pigmentation of the eyes. She was termed ‘legally blind,’ which at first made her think she had hit rock bottom. But her dream kept her going, and she sought inspiration from a book which she had once read, about a man’s travels in India on the back of an elephant. Inspired and motivated, she contacted several people until she had her journey mapped out and her elephant picked.

Watch her journey here:

This story is presented as part of our effort towards the National Eye Donation Fortnight 2016. You too can help the visually challenged. Donate your eyes, change someone’s life forever. Click here :

Image source: Facebook

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