Mumbai Police’s Humane Gesture towards Families of Deceased Cops Shows Us Why They’re Awesome

The Mumbai Police have started sending condolence letters personally signed by the Commissioner of Police to the families of deceased policemen.

The Mumbai Police have started sending condolence letters personally signed by the Commissioner of Police to the families of deceased policemen. And the letters have more than just words of sympathy – they contain information about the procedures that the families of the late policemen should follow to claim the benefits that they’re entitled to.

The benefits include a general insurance, encashment of pending leaves and family pensions. In some special cases, the sons of deceased policemen are offered jobs in the police force on compassionate grounds. An additional insurance of Rs. 25 lakh is given to the families of policemen who lose their lives in accidents.


ImagesSource: Suyogaerospace at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Senior police officials told The Hindu that over 100 policemen in Mumbai die every year due to illnesses and accidents. Stress related diseases such as heart-problems, blood pressure and diabetes are the leading causes of death in the police force.

“This is being done to show our support to the bereaved families and to ensure that they receive the benefits that they are entitled to in a smooth and speedy manner. The establishment desk at the Mumbai Police headquarters is responsible for sending these letters, which contain details like the officials to be approached, their office address, and telephone numbers,” D.D Padsaligkar, the Police Commissioner of Mumbai, told The Hindu.

He started the initiative about six months ago and instructed the establishment desk to contact the families and follow-up so that the process is hassle-free. Policemen are finding this initiative helpful because most of them are not aware of the benefits their families are entitled to. They said that the knowledge that their families will be kept in the loop after they die, is comforting.

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