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12 Everyday Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life in India Much Easier

12 Everyday Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life in India Much Easier

Who doesn't need life to be made a little bit easier? Here are 12 tips that do precisely that.

Who doesn’t need life to be made a little bit easier? Here are 12 tips that do precisely that.

There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that can easily ruin your day. Luckily, internet is full of handy life-hacks that can make your life a whole lot easier. From people stealing your shoes to getting back the stuff you have loaned out and forgotten, there’s a life hack for everything.

Here are 12 life hacks that can make life in India more safer, easier, and comfortable.

1. Secure your footwear at temples


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The quick hack to the problem is to never put your footwear together and if possible, turn one of them upside down. This drastically reduces the chances of your good looking footwear catching a thief’s eye. Thieves normally just pick up the ones that are kept together and look good at first glance before escaping the venue quickly.

2. Make moving to a new city easier for yourself

One of Jaipur's main attractions, the Hawa Mahal is also known as the 'Palace of Winds'.

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Learn to say “I am learning the language” instead of “Sorry, I don’t know the language” in the language of the city you are moving to. People are always glad to hear that you are willing to make the effort to learn their language!

3. Prevent cake from going stale in the fridge


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Keeping the cake out in hot weather can spoil it while storing it in the fridge can make it go hard and stale. The solution to this never-ending confusion is this fantastic hack that will ensure the cake stays nice, fresh and soft in the fridge. All it takes are a few slices of bread and some toothpicks to cover the open parts of the cake that aren’t covered by frosting.

4. Being nice can help you out of a tight spot


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Be extra nice to people like security guards, hotel staff, chauffeurs, waiters and valets. They work all day and rarely get a kind word in return. They also have a lot of information about the locality they work in. You’ll be surprised how much they can help in return.

5. Keep your essentials safe on the beach


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A great beach life hack is to clean out an old sunscreen lotion bottle and hide your phone,money and keys in there! Chances are that no one will steal this from you and you can safely keep your stuff in there while you’re in the water.

6. For when you doubt your tea cup is clean


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In India, local tea stalls often serve awesome tea. If you have ever visited these busy stalls and been afraid of having tea in a cup that you doubt is clean, this hack is for you. Just turn the cup by 180 degrees, hold it with the left hand and have your tea. Most people are right handed and hold the cup in their right hand thus using just one half of the cup opening. Its not foolproof but being cautious helps when you are not sure!

7. Smelly shoes no more


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Hot weather in India often leads shoes to emit an unpleasant odour. Deodorize your stinky tennis shoes by inserting old tea bags in them. After all, who doesn’t like wearing fresh smelling shoes?

8. Stay on the safer side


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Pretend to talk on your phone when taking an auto/cab late night and casually mention that you are travelling in a cab and going by so-and-so route. An extra step you take on a late night cab ride is taking a picture of its registration number and sending it to a family member or friend.

9. Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes


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Lets face it, mosquitoes are an aggravation.The buzzing, the biting and the itching are enough to send the bravest outdoor lover back into the safety of the house. So if you find yourself in a place plagued with mosquitoes and with no bug repellent on hand, what you can do is ask around for a mentholated pain balm such as Vicks Vaporub. It works like a charm to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.

10. Handy in an emergency


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Take a photo of a list of all the medications used by the members of your immediate family on your cell phone. It’s handy to have in the case of an emergency or even when you take them to see a new doctor. You can also add other important details, like their allergies and blood types, to the list.

11. Get your stuff back


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If you often forget about the stuff you have loaned to others and to whom, this hack is for you. When friends borrows a tool or a beloved book, snap a photo of them holding it. Next time you need something and can’t remember who you gave it too, the photo will help you get it back.

12. Stop chilli from burning a hole in your taste-buds


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While chillies can bring amazing flavor to Indian foods of all kinds, nobody likes the fiery sensation of a chilli burn. Since capsaicin, the compound which causes the burn, repels water, it is not something you can simply treat with water. Milk, yoghurt and bread are a better and more effective option when it comes to cooling your burning taste buds.

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