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Indian Scientists Discover new types of Bacteria



Up until very recently, it was believed that Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun can inhibit, or even prevent, formation and continuance of life. However, a team of Indian Scientists, led by the eminent Jayant Narlikar, has discovered 3 new types of bacteria which are UV resistant. What is even more fascinating is that this experiment has shown that life exists even 40 km above Earth’s surface!

K. Raghu carries an article in The Mint and mentions that the experiment involved sending a balloon in to the stratosphere of our planet. He goes on to write:


The balloon sent up to the stratosphere was the second effort by India after a maiden venture in 2001. It contained probes that collected air samples at different heights ranging from 20km to 41km above the earth’s surface.

This is a great breakthrough for Indian science, specifically so since it could alter the way we have been defining life and its necessary environments.
Read the complete article at The Mint by clicking here.
Image courtesy: The Mint


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