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The Dog That Was Thrown from a Terrace in Chennai Is Going to Be Fine. Thanks to These Heroes.

The infamous viral video of a man throwing a dog from the terrace of a two-storeyed building had left many across the country shocked and outraged.

But to everyone’s great relief, animal rights activist Shravan Krishnan posted a picture of the dog on social media on Tuesday night, with a message that she has been found alive. “We have named her Bhadra,” he later said.


“We assumed the dog was dead cause we couldn’t find her. We couldn’t speak to anyone around. The inspector and his team visited the spot for an inquiry with the neighbours and they confirmed that this was the same dog. We were called upon to come and check on the dog and take her for treatment,” he wrote on Facebook.

Shravan is the founder of Hotel for Dogs in Chennai and Bengaluru. It is a facility where owners can leave their pets when they have to travel and need a place for their dogs to be taken care of. Hotel for Dogs has climate-controlled, soundproofed kennels with facilities like swimming pools, grooming parlours, and more.

Shravan has been actively raising his voice against the culprits ever since the video was released. His first reaction to it was a Facebook post stating that he would personally give a cash reward to anyone providing information about the man who flung Bhadra off the terrace. He and his team including Antony Rubin, an Honorary Animal Welfare Officer, and Jennifer, have been involved in the investigation of the case since the beginning. Last Friday, he announced that Antony Rubin had met the Commissioner of Police, who had then forwarded the case to the Additional Commissioner. According to reports, they had to work very hard and put a lot of pressure on police officials to get the complaint filed. The names of the suspects were revealed later that night – Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Pal (who was recording the incident). They were recognised as final year MBBS students of Madha Medical College in Tamil Nadu.

Shravan and his team found Bhadra alive and she was taken to Vepery Medical College for treatment. Based on her injuries, veterinarians confirmed that she is indeed the dog that was flung from the roof.


“Since the fractures have quite clearly happened around two weeks ago (the bones have already fused to a considerable extent), there is no doubt that this is the same girl as was seen in the video. She is still in a state of considerable shock and is not being difficult to treat, and recovery is expected to take 4-6 weeks as she is still quite young; in fact, not more than 5 months old. She will continue to be treated by the veterinarians at TANUVAS, who have also confirmed that she is definitely the same dog as was seen in the video as her injuries are consistent with such a fall.” he wrote on Facebook.

The Chennai Police arrested the two people on Wednesday. They were produced before the Sriperumbudur Judicial Magistrate court and were granted bail. Shravan is disappointed that after a three-day long fight, the culprits easily got a bail. But he is determined to keep the fight going.

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