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MY STORY: How I Went from Attempting Suicide for my Extreme Disability to Running 115 KM in “The Impossible Race”


Every once in a while, we come across a human being who takes away our breath with the sheer strength of will and determination he or she possesses. This is the incredible and inspiring story of Geeta S Rao who fought extreme disability to carve a life for herself, pursue her dreams and achieve more than what ordinary humans do.

From wanting to commit suicide when she was humiliated for being disabled to living a full and vibrant life, Geeta dug deep inside herself to find strength she never thought she possessed.

Geeta Rao

Geeta just revealed her heartwarming story of incredible courage and perseverance to Humans of Amdavad Facebook page. Here’s her complete story:

“I was just three years old and I got high fever. Parents took me to the doctor, and as the fever was high so doctor…


Posted by Humans Of Amdavad on Wednesday, June 29, 2016


If you are unable to view the post above, this is what Geeta says:

“I was just three years old and I got high fever. Parents took me to the doctor, and as the fever was high so doctor gave me an Injection. We came back home and I slept for around some hours but then I couldn’t wake up, and my body wasn’t responding to me. I couldn’t move at all. Soon we came to know that it is a Polio infection which has been spread in my entire body and so I won’t be able to stand or walk for the next year’s of my life.


My mental and physical growth was very slow in comparison to normal humans but at the same time education was important so my parents enrolled me in school but the life at school was full of struggles for me. My parents had to carry me with their hands to school as at that time there was no wheelchair for me. Once, when I was in eighth grade and my parents were carrying me in their hands, a lady from the backside said “It’s better not have a daughter then have a daughter like this” and that lines affected me badly.

I felt as if I was a burden to my parents and once I reached home I tried to commit suicide and failed terribly. Trying to commit suicide was the worst decision of my life. And I took that as a God’s message to fight with life and come out winning. And soon I decided that I won’t depend on people anymore. On the other side I also started daily exercises and physiotherapy and within one and a half years I was living my life without any medications, it was just daily exercise and physiotherapy. Soon I was able to stand and walk with the support of crutches.

I even did my BSC in Chemistry from St Xavier’s College and further did PGDM courses in Human Resource and Corporate Communications. I even did a job as an IT engineer in a corporate company but I had a dream to travel the world so I left the job. And started travelling. And me and my brother started Hotel business of our own. So far we have 7 chains of hotels all over India and we plan to expand every year. My left leg is still inactive. But, just a few months ago my family gifted me a bicycle and so I started cycling every alternate day.


Recently I even participated in a 115 km “The Impossible Race” near Polo Forest which is very difficult even for normal humans. And I completed the whole race by cycling 115 km and also won a special prize for the same. Today I cycle around 50-70 kilometres every alternative day in different parts of the city. I even do Bungee Jumping. So, from trying to commit suicide to leaving my job for travelling to establishing chain of hotels to participating in a 115 kilometre “The Impossible Race”. This is my story.

Any Message?

If there is a will there is a way. I have seen that my disabled friends have a very low self esteem. I would say that aim for the sky. Don’t accept the life you’ve got, fight for it and above all believe in yourself.


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