MY STORY: Learning Why This Businessman Goes Daily to the Pipariya Railway Station Blew My Mind

Sheetanshu Mishra, a resident of Kanpur, was on his way to the Pachmarhi hill station in Madhya Pradesh when he met a businessman who was serving people in an amazing way.

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I recently visited the Pachmarhi hill station in Madhya Pradesh with my family. After getting off the train at a small sub district railway station in Pipariya town, we had to wait there for 2-3 hours before we could proceed further. Sitting on the platform and looking at the passers-by, I suddenly came across a decent-looking man with a container of water kept on a trolley along with some funnels and mugs. He was well-dressed and had three other people walking with him.

Just while I was wondering about what they were up to, a train arrived and I saw them rushing towards the general coaches. They started asking the passengers if they needed water, enquiring from one window to another.


Soon, there was a big group of thirsty passengers surrounding their trolley with empty water bottles. I saw the man using funnels to fill water into these bottles so that no water would get wasted.

His team mates were running from one coach to other to ensure that they didn’t miss out any one. I noticed that the man was entering the coaches himself to serve water to women.


On talking to him later, I came to know that this inspirational man is a businessman seeking spiritual solace through this divine work. His name is Sukhdev Singh and he comes to Pipariya railway station every day to serve water to the thirsty. “Waheguru takes care of everything,” he told me.

– Sheetanshu Mishra, Kanpur

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