IN PHOTOS: Water Tanks Never Looked This Fancy Before. Check out 10 Awesomely Creative Ones!

Shaped like aeroplanes, ships, kangaroos and more – water tanks on the roofs of several houses in Punjab are not mere concrete structures to store water, but more of creative figures with emotional values attached to them.

“In rural Punjab, people often put up water tanks or models in the shape of football, religious symbols, vehicles, etc., to reflect their, beliefs, wealth, interest, profession and identity…In the recent times airplanes also finds a place amongst such objects as more and more Punjabis are migrating and airplane models becomes a statement of their success in foreign land, their newly acquired wealth and status in the society too,” photographer Rajesh Vora told Wired.

While an army tank shaped reservoir could mean that someone in the family has joined the army, shapes like birds, football, etc. symbolise things that are loved or valued in the house.

Have a look:











All pictures: Reddit

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