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This Chennai Mom’s Personalised Book Labels for Kids Contain Important Messages about Life & Nature

This Chennai Mom’s Personalised Book Labels for Kids Contain Important Messages about Life & Nature

Remember a time when just before the beginning of every new school year we used to sit with piles of new books and notebooks and rolls of brown paper to cover them? The excitement of all things new and hopes for the upcoming year could be felt in the very air. And then there was the final task of sticking colourful labels on newly covered books – just like putting icing on the cake!

Taking this enthusiasm to yet another level, a Chennai-based couple has come up with a unique idea to make book labels both fun and educational.


“In today’s age when we are surrounded by so many issues like global warming, pollution, water scarcity, etc., we should try and encourage students to use the available resources judiciously right from a young age. And what better way to do so than to put the right kinds of messages on their book labels so that students would look at them every day,” says Ravi Ram who started My Book Label with his wife Nivedita Ravi to inculcate a sense of responsibility among children through labels.

My Book Label is Nivedita’s brainchild and she started by making these labels for her children.


It was when other kids and parents started asking about the labels that she started designing and selling them. To place an order for the labels, one has to send three pictures of the child, along with his/her name, which class the child studies in, and the school’s name.

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The couple gets the labels printed by a local printer, and they sell one book containing 90 labels for Rs. 299.


These book labels have short educational messages like “Let’s not spit in public places”, “Save paper”, and “Let’s not litter to make our lives better” along with some health and safety advice like “Always wear a helmet when you ride”, “Wash fruits before eating” etc.

The idea is to communicate these messages to the kids so they can start practicing them from a young age.


You can order the labels here, or write to Nivedita at

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