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Footprints of 150 Million-Year-Old Dinosaurs Found in Rajasthan Could Be Clue to Their Extinction


The geological team of Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur has discovered the footprints of 150 million-year-old Eubrontes Gleneronsensis Theropod dinosaurs near Jaisalmer.

The scientists are hopeful that this discovery will help them understand the reasons behind the extinction of dinosaurs.

Dino footprints

Image for representation

The footprints were discovered near Lathi village in Rajasthan, a once prehistoric coastal area. In addition, they were found near a bone bed that contained fossils of different species like crocodiles, fish and dinosaurs.


Dr Virendra Singh Parihar, Dr Suresh Chandra Mathur and Dr Shankar Lal Nama of the geological department of Jai Narayan Vyas University are the scientists behind this discovery.

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According to them the geological formations of Katrol in Kutch basin of Gujarat and Baisakhi formation of Jaisalmer are other potential sites for the remains of these dinosaurs.


The fossilised footprints are likely from the Late Triassic and Early Jurrasic period. Similar footprints were earlier discovered in Italy, Spain, France and the US.

The only theory behind the extinction of dinosaurs so far is related to the single meteorite collision in Chixulub crater, Mexico. The evidence of dinosaur footprints in India will, therefore, lead to questioning of this theory and an effort to understand the reason behind the disappearance of these animals all over again.

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