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PHOTOS: North or South -India Looks Stunning From Space!

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We all know that India is beautiful but have you ever wondered how our country looks from space?

Recently, renowned American astronaut Scott Kelly, who was on a year-long mission with the International Space Station (ISS), shared some pictures of the southern tip of India and the Himalayas on Twitter.

Scott Kelly, along with Mikhail Korniyenko, left for the mission on March 27, 2015. Both were selected by NASA, the Russian Federal Agency and their international partners for this mission.

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The main aim of this mission was to find and collect scientific data that would prove useful for future human exploration of our solar system.

During the year-long expedition, Scott was active on social media, posting pictures of how beautiful the earth looks from space. He was also mesmerized, in particular, by the view of the majestic Himalayas and pristine clear waters off the coast of southern India.

Here are the pictures of South India and Himalayas shared by Scott:

1. The southern tip of India looks exquisite!

2. South India in the morning

3. And in the night!

4. The sandy and green South India coast

5. This lake in the Himalayas: the bluest spot on earth

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