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14 Beautiful Pictures That Will Bring the Monsoon in North East India Alive for You

14 Beautiful Pictures That Will Bring the Monsoon in North East India Alive for You

These spectacular pictures of northeast India show why a monsoon getaway to the mountains promises to be the experience of a lifetime.

The monsoon in northeast India is special. With lush green hills, spectacular waterfalls, blue-gray skies and rivers in ferocious flow all around, the beauty of the Seven Sister States of India is only enhanced with the arrival of the monsoon. If you don’t mind getting wet, there is really no place like the northeast to truly savour the myriad moods of the rainy season in India. Here are some gorgeous pictures to bring the experience alive for you.


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Cloud-shrouded mountains of Meghalaya

wiki megh

Photo Source

Carpeted in rain drenched greenery, the mountains of Meghalaya are even more mesmerising when the dark clouds roll in and engulf them in a silvery mist.

Emerald valleys of Manipur


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The valleys of Manipur drape themselves in emerald green meadows with an enchanting sprinkling of wildflowers, sure to make you wander the unending slopes laced with clouds.

Fishing in picture-perfect Majuli


Photo Source

Unparalleled scenic beauty will greet you at the world’s biggest river island, Majuli, where tiny agrarian communities, rippling meadows of water hyacinths and pristine paddy fields create a postcard-perfect ecosystem amidst the ever-shifting sandbanks of Brahmaputra.

Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya

root bridgePhoto Source

Centuries old living bridges over swift flowing streams, grown from the tangled roots of ancient rubber trees, provide a stable alternative to the easily destroyed wooden bridges in the lengthy rainy season in Cherrapunji.

The lively MG Marg of Gangtok

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The cobble stoned streets, cozy little cafes and the bustling market of MG Marg in Gangtok will lure you with their quaint charm as you enjoy a steaming cup of tea in the gentle downpour.

Traditional monsoon fishing in Assam

fishing-nets assam

Photo Source

When it rains, it’s fishing time for most Assamese. The gushing rivulets and submerged farms are where bamboo pole fishing rods are set up, with the rain dancing rhythmically on the muli-bazail (bamboo umbrella) of the fishermen.

The dreamy countryside of Nagaland


Photo Source

Journeying through the scenic countryside of Nagaland, with the dream-like rain pushing aside the thick veil of summer dust to uncover verdant vistas, is an experience tough to forget.

Cheerful little locals in Sikkim


Photo Source

Happiness welcomes the monsoon as the locals savour the mystical aroma of wet wilderness and the blooming beauty of Sikkim’s misty mountain trails.

The majestic Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Meghalaya

noh wiki

Photo Source

The cascading waters and the misty spray of India’s tallest plunge waterfall are an impressive example of rain unleashing its full power in Meghalaya.

The verdant landscape of Upper Assam


Photo Source

The landscape of Assam changes into a lush palette of many shades of green when the rain comes down. With its sprawling fields, cloudy skyline and emerald hillocks, a trip to upper Assam is definitely worthwhile.

The wildly beautiful Brahmaputra River


Photo Source

Enveloped in a thick fog of battering rain, the wild, unabashed stretches of a raging Brahmaputra makes an awe-inspiring sight.

Cloud kissed tea plantations of Jorhat

couple sikkim

Photo Source

An evening stroll through the winding trails of cloud-kissed tea plantations , with the pitter patter of the rain providing the perfect music, is as romantic as it gets.

The regal Ujjayanta Palace of Tripura


Photo Source

The dark rolling clouds add an air of grandeur and mystery to Tripura’s undisputed centerpiece, the graceful Ujjayanta palace.

The wet wilderness of Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary


Photo Source

A hidden gem  sandwiched between the river Brahmaputra and the river Dibru, the wildlife sanctuary of Dibru Saikhowa transforms into a captivating neverland of luscious wilderness in the monsoon.

Know more in a video here:

This video will Bring the Monsoon in North East India Alive fo…Experience the sweet petrichor of North East India.

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