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Make Your Parties Eco-Friendly by Switching from Disposables to Dinnerware on Rent

Two women from Bangalore are changing the use and dispose habits of people in the city. They are slowly replacing disposable ware with dinnerware that they rent out for parties. 

Pooja Dixit and Shalini Goel, two friends from Bangalore, often conversed with each other about what they could do to alleviate the garbage menace in Bangalore. Their constant probing of the problem and urge to do something about it found a target in party waste.

The amount of waste generated by a single house party in Bangalore is often equivalent to a month’s waste from the same household.

Pooja and Shalini provide clean, good quality dinnerware for parties, thus stopping a huge amount of garbage reaching the landfills of Bangalore
Pooja and Shalini provide clean, good quality dinnerware for parties, thus preventing a huge amount of garbage from reaching the landfills of Bangalore

This waste is rarely segregated – plastic, paper and wet waste all end up in the landfills of the city. Pooja and Shalini had a brainwave – why not make dinnerware available for parties on rent? This simple idea could prevent loads of garbage from reaching landfills and harming the environment.

The two women started ‘Spill Savers,’ without much fanfare, but their popularity is growing by word of mouth.

Pooja says, “We did not even put up a poster but people hear about us and give us orders. There are so many people out there who care about the environment and want to stay true to their eco-friendly philosophy even when they are celebrating.”

Dinnerware for rent - SpillSavers
Since January 2016, Spill Savers has rented out dinnerware to many eco-conscious customers, some of whom are organizing zero waste parties.

Caterers in Bangalore do provide plates on rent but Spill Savers supplies entire dining sets, which include plates, bowls, spoons, water glasses, and even cloth napkins.

One of the advantages of choosing disposables over reusable ware is the convenience of not having to wash and clean them. However, Pooja and Shalini had a solution for that too.

An entire dinner set is made available by SpillSavers
Entire dinner sets are made available by Spill Savers

Pooja and Shalini decided their clients shouldn’t hesitate to use non-disposable wares just because they have to be cleaned. Spill Savers takes on the responsibility of cleaning the dirty dishes. The dinnerware is picked up as is after the party and Spill Savers cleans it at their end. So the convenience aspect stays intact and hygiene is taken care of too.

With this easy solution available, why should people become party to the crime of filling landfills?

Around 4000 tonnes of solid waste each day which is dumped inside the ground at the various land fill sites on the city’s outskirts. Ideas like SpillSavers will definitely contribute towards assuaging this mess. 
Around 4000 tonnes of solid waste is dumped in landfills outside the city every day.

If you are in Bangalore, you know now what to do when you next host your party. And if you are not in Bangalore, shouldn’t you be emulating this idea?

Check out their Facebook page to know more.

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