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TBI Photo Story: Jeevarathni – A Mother’s Care

Nishanth Iyengar recently participated in a Run organized by Jeevarathni, a Foundation having a campus on the outskirts of Bangalore, that houses socially and economically deprived as well as specially abled children. He came away with many pictures that tell a story of how love and care is all these children need to blossom into remarkable individuals.


Jeevarathani - The House

Jeevarathni foundation was established on the 15th of August, 2010 by Col K.J. Samuel (former Director/Partner of Air Deccan). Housed in a property of 10 acres,  the campus has 10 units to house children along with huge play areas.


Jeevarathni - The Kitchen


The kitchen, which is attached to each of the 10 units. Each unit houses 10 kids and a mother (caretaker).  Each unit is self sufficient. Supplies are bought by the central office and distributed to  the mother once a week. Each mother cooks and cleans the unit that she has been assigned to handle. The mother is responsible for the 10 children living in the house and taking care of all the child’s needs.


Jeevarathni - Bunk Beds


Bunk beds for the kids to sleep in.  At present there are 37 children living here. There is a bedroom for the mother attached to the unit. A couple of beds are placed in the mother’s room so that if a child is sick the mother can take care of him or her till they get better.


Jeevarathni - Col Samuel


Col. K.J Samuel – founder of Jeevarathni Foundation. The foundation is named in the memory of his mother who believed in kindness and giving without expectation.


Jeevarathni - Children


Children from the foundation getting ready for the Run/Walk. Age Range of the children : 2.5 years to 11 years. Majority of  children at the foundation are between 4 to 6 years of age. The children go to the government school near the foundation. The foundation has invested in an Innova to ensure that children reach school comfortably. A tutor has been hired to teach the children at the foundation after school. A teacher in the school is paid by the foundation to ensure that the children from the foundation get adequate attention and learn something in school rather than just spending time in school.


Jeevarathani - The Run


From the Army, Mr Babu, a trustee who is in charge of the Website and PR activity, participating in the run. He is responsible for engaging corporate and friends to ensure the foundation gets the supplies that are needed.


Jeevarathni - After Run


Kids enjoying themselves after the run. Children don’t need cars or Golf Clubs to be happy. Small things that we don’t bother to  pay attention to excites them.


Today Jeevarathni  foundation spends Rs 18,000 to support a child, and is mainly supported by friends and family.
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