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This British Guy Is Selling Jhalmuri on the Streets of London and Everyone’s Loving It

Angus Deenon from London is selling a Bengali snack called jhalmuri on the streets of London.

Londoner Angus Deenon, a chef by profession, can often be seen on the street corners of UK’s capital, selling Kolkata’s famous snack jhalmuri.

Jhalmuri is spiced puffed rice, garnished with chopped boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, green chillies, coconut and sprinkled with some mustard oil.


But on his return, Angus decided, instead, to give Londoners a taste of Kolkata and started a jhalmuri stall named ‘The Everybody Love Love Jhalmuri Express.’


“I liked the versatility of the dish, the fact that it was so portable and you did not need a kitchen to get it ready. I have spent many, many hours in hot airless kitchens where you never see daylight, sunlight or the moonlight. Also, it is accessible to most people, no matter what their diets or religious beliefs are,” Angus said in an interview to The Telegraph.

Once he started selling the snack in London, Angus was taken aback by the kind of response he got from people of all ages and backgrounds.

j8“From the very first time I served it to people, I realized this dish was something special, as everyone from all different sections of society, of all different ages and homelands seemed to like it very much. Often when I cooked before and did food different to what people are used to, they were not favorable in their reaction, but the jhalmuri crossed all barriers… and that is very rare and very special,” he said.

This encouraged him to bring in more recipes from the streets of Kolkata and today, he has also added ghugni chaat, phulchas, lassi, dhoklas and chai to his menu.


With the rising popularity and increase in demand, Angus has turned his small stall into a vibrant food van, which attracts people wherever it goes.


Angus has also participated in various food festivals across Britain.


So, whenever you’re in London and you come across Angus whipping jhalmuri in his colourful food van, do try this Londoner’s version of a very delicious Bengali snack.

All photos’ source: Angus’s Facebook Page

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