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This Eco-Friendly Wedding Had Edible Cutlery, Newspaper Napkins and Some Surprising Guests!

This Mumbai couple wanted an eco-friendly wedding and here's how they did it.

Ever heard of an eco-friendly wedding? The kind that has no flowers, dairy, silk or leather products but is still a whole lot of fun? Meet Shasvathi Siva, a devout vegan, and her groom Karthik Krishnan, who recently tied the knot in an environment friendly celebration.

What’s more, they showed some animal love too and invited dogs as guests, besides the two-legged variety of course!


Photo source: Frontal Knots

Here are a few highlights from the wedding:

1.Animals form an integral part of Shasvathi and Karthik’s life. Both their families consider animals to be an extended part of their clans. Hence, the wedding had cats and dogs as guests.

Photo source: Frontal Knots

2.The venue was decorated with cloth and not flowers. Even the garlands for the bride and bride-groom were made of satin.

Photo source: Frontal Knots

3.For her make-up, Shasvathi used only those products that had not been tested on animals. She applied organic henna on her hands and feet.


Photo source: Frontal Knots

4.The use of plastic was very limited and edible cutlery was especially brought in for the occasion.

Photo source: Frontal Knots

5.The guests were gifted organic toiletries and vegan starter kits from PETA.


Photo source: Frontal Knots

6.Dairy products were replaced with alternatives like almonds, cashews and soy. Dry fruits were given in place of milk-made sweets and paper napkins were replaced with recycled newspapers.

7.Dry coconuts were decorated with messages about saving the environment.


Photo source: Frontal Knots

You can watch Shasvathi and Karthik’s wedding video here.

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