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MY STORY: The Day a Cancer Patient in a Delhi Metro Station Restored My Faith in Humanity

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New to Delhi, Syed Manzer Imam was trying to find his way around the city when he came across Dilbagh, a Good Samaritan who helps strangers at Rajeev Chowk. This is his story.

On the 8th of May, I was at Rajeev Chowk, on my way to Noida from Gurugram (Gurgaon.)

Being new to the city, I was quite confused about the platforms and went to the route map to help me get a sense of my bearings.

While I was looking at the route map, I heard a man saying, “Haan beta, puchho?” (Yes, son, tell me)
I thought it wasn’t directed at me and ignored it.

But again, the man said, “Kahan jana hai tumhe?” (Where do you want to go?)

I told him that I was on my way to Noida and he guided me on the best way to get there.

I thanked him with a smile, all the time wondering why he was helping me, only to realise that he was helping everyone.

He was standing near the route map and whenever anyone walked up to the map to try and understand which route to take, Dilbagh – as I later learnt was his name- helped them.

Unsung Hero

I stood there, watching him help each and every person who walked up to him. Finally, overcome by curiosity, I walked up to him and asked him the reason for his selfless service.

This is what he said:

“I am a cancer patient. Three years ago, my doctors believed that the cancer would kill me. But, by God’s grace, I am still alive. I have received this ‘Bonus’ life and it has all come because of the blessing of others. So I decided to help people as much as I can. One day, I will die. But before that day comes, I want to have as many blessings as I can.”

I was dumbstruck by his words and was thinking over what he had said when I caught sight of a bag next to him. It was filled to the brim with chips, wafers and biscuits.

I asked him if he was selling these snacks. He laughed and said:

“No, no, these are for the sweepers. As they are leaving for the day, I distribute these snacks amongst them. They then take it home to their kids. So yes, more blessings.”

I was shell-shocked to see such a pure soul in the midst of the country’s capital; helping people selflessly and with a big smile.

Yes, there are good people out there. Let us all try to be like them.

– Syed Manzer Imam

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