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Constable Strikes Deal with Street Children to Help Them Study While Earning a Living

Constable Strikes Deal with Street Children to Help Them Study While Earning a Living

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Amidst the hustle and bustle characteristic of all railway stations in the country, one is likely to come across the forlorn faces of children, forced by circumstance to earn a living.

These children sing and dance, sweep compartments or sell snacks and condiments in an effort to eke out a living. They watch from the sidelines as families set off on holidays, students make their way back home and professionals get ready to start a new life in a new city, all while they struggle to survive at an age where they should be in school, laying the foundation for a bright future.

Thanks to one constable in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Station, some of these children are getting a fighting chance at life.

While most police constables chase these children out of the railway station, Constable Dharamvir Singh decided to educate them.

Every day, a group of around 8 children aged between 9 to 14, make their way to Constable Singh’s duty desk at the station. Here, the constable teaches them the alphabet, numbers and basic math.

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To ensure that the children are regular with their studies, Constable Singh struck a deal with them: ‘Study for an hour and you can earn your living without any interference from me.’

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Constable Singh told NDTV, “It is an attempt to inculcate the habit of studying in the children. The hope is to create lasting change.”

Constable Singh, who has been working for over 20 years now, says “If every policeman teaches even two children, just imagine the impact it will create!”

Since the children started their ‘Platform Patshala’ with Constable Singh, they spend their spare time studying rather than getting into wrong habits and fighting with each other.

Constable Singh also hopes to someday, open a school for these children so that they can grow up to lead fulfilling lives.

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