This Restaurant Uses Leftover Water From Your Glass for Cleaning, Saves 45,000 Ltrs a Month

The Gloria Restaurant in Mumbai using water leftover from customers glasses for cleaning and gardening purposes, saving more than 45,000 liters of water a month!

glass of water contains anywhere between 150 ml to 200 ml water. Most customers in a restaurant have only a few sips. Restaurants are then forced to throw away the unused water.

Given the severe drought affecting Maharashtra, one restaurateur in Mumbai has come up with a novel way to reuse and recycle this water.

Forty-nine year old Abbas Suleman Kadiwal is the owner of Gloria Restaurant in Byculla, Mumbai. With the country facing an acute water shortage, Kadiwal has ordered his employees to use water sparingly and to re-use it whenever possible.

Water leftover by customers now finds its way into the water used for gardening, cleaning and washing.

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As the Mumbai Mirror reports, the restaurant uses about 8,000 litres of water per day. Under the watchful eyes of Kadiwal however, their consumption has now come down to 1,500 litres per day.

This translates to more than 45,000 litres saved a month!

But this is not where Kadiwal’s good work stops.

The restaurant also collects leftover food and serves it to the lesser fortunate. Says Kadiwal, “The leftover food is preserved well and during the day, it is served to the beggars visiting the hotel.

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