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I Tried to Stab a Woman in Burkha: Watch This 19 YO’s Honest Thoughts on War and Hate

I Tried to Stab a Woman in Burkha: Watch This 19 YO’s Honest Thoughts on War and Hate

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This 19-year-old girl from Jalandhar has a simple message to people: Stop hating other religions. And a simple request to politicians: It’s time to stop pretending and end war.

In this amazing, poignant video where her thoughts are presented through placards to a dramatic piano score, Gurmehar Kaur knows what she’s talking about. At the age of 2, she lost her father in the Kargil War.

Growing up hearing stories about how her father sacrificed his life, she decided in her mind it was Pakistan that killed her father.

gurmehar kaur

Source: Facebook

Naturally, she began to hate Pakistan, and by extension, all Muslims – the little child thought they were all Pakistanis. Her hatred culminated in an incident where, at the age of 6, she tried to stab a woman in a burkha.

That’s when her mother pulled her back and sat her down for a talk, a conversation that had a life changing and lasting impact on Gurmehar. It took her years, but she finally realised that no particular country or religion was responsible for her father’s death. This question, however, still remained: Who or what killed him? And the answer she came to believe was: War.

War, which could be prevented, which could be resolved. War, which has killed people on both sides of the border.

She asks a compelling question in the video: If France and Germany can be friends after two world wars, why can’t India and Pakistan bury the hatchet too?

A message from a girl to those who killed her father!Dear GurMehar Kaur,

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It was an honour to assist you in telling your truth, your story and your point of view to the world.
What you have done is truly brave. I hope your message is seen by the world and it helps us become a better race.
much respect and love,
– Ram Subramanian

Posted by Voice Of Ram on Thursday, 28 April 2016


Gurmehar urges people to stop spreading religious hatred. She says, “It took me a while…but I learnt to let go of my hate…If I can do it, so can you.”

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