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My Story: Multi Million Dollar Vegetable Delivery Businesses May Fail. But Raju Bhaiya Is Successful.

My Story: Multi Million Dollar Vegetable Delivery Businesses May Fail. But Raju Bhaiya Is Successful.

Raju, a young man who started out by working as an office boy with an organization in Indore, is a proud entrepreneur today who earns four times his original salary. This is how he made it possible.

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This is the story of Raju. He works as an office boy in our organization, MotorBabu – an Indore-based platform for online vehicle servicing requests. A young man with big dreams and a deep desire to grow and succeed, Raju is extremely passionate, the kind of person who never shies away from hard work. And today, he is an entrepreneur as well.

“Sir, will I never earn more money that Shalem Sir?” he asked me one day. Shalem works as a manager at MotorBabu. In that instant, I just told him that he will earn more than me one day.

And a few days after that conversation, my colleagues and I came up with an idea to give wings to his dreams. This is what we thought:


Usually, when we go home after a full day at work, we are so tired that we no longer want to go to the mandi (local market) and buy fresh vegetables. And later, we end up purchasing from the stores inside our residential societies, paying almost double the original price for leftovers. For example, if you purchase apples from Geeta Bhawan, which is a residential society in Indore, you will get them for Rs. 120 per kg. But if you go to the local market, you will be able to buy apples for Rs. 45 per kg only.

So the idea was that Raju could start a business of purchasing fresh vegetables directly from the local vegetable market, and delivering them to all the people in our office before we left for the day. All a buyer had to do was place an order with Raju in the morning; Raju would then go out to the mandi, purchase the vegetables and deliver them directly in the office. The buyers would have to pay 10% extra over the cost, while Raju helped them save 40% by purchasing vegetables from an affordable place. Today, Raju is not only getting orders from the 48 people working at MotorBabu, but also from neighbouring offices in our building.

In this way, he is earning four times his original salary – Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 a month, and is also polishing his entrepreneurial skills in the extra time he spends with us.


Everyone in our office is helping him by spreading word about his work among friends and relatives.

Recently, we even hired an intern named Pankaj to work with Raju. We found him selling panipuri in our locality. Now, both Raju and Pankaj work together. They finish taking the orders by the evening, and the next morning, Raju goes to the market to purchase the vegetables. By 10 am, Pankaj joins him and helps him deliver the vegetables. In the evening, Pankaj goes back to his food stall to help his father. During the day, Raju and Pankaj work with us, study, and learn various management and marketing skills. They are keen learners and highly dedicated to achieving more in life. We are sure that one day they will make their families proud.

It’s your employees who make a difference in your company and help turn your dreams into reality. If you listen to their plans, their ideas and innovations, their problems, etc., they will treat your business like their own. This way, everyone will love their jobs and perform extraordinarily well.

Raju Bhaiya believed in us too. And he is utilizing each and every skill he learned, and is learning more every day. Both he and Pankaj are an inspiration to us and our whole team. We feel proud to have team members like Raju Bhaiya and Pankaj.

– Mayank Singh

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About the author: Mayank Singh is the co-founder of MotorBabu.

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