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UK to India. 31,000 Km in 75 Days: Solo Car Driver Bharulata Is Setting out to Create a Record.

Bharulata Kamble, a 42-year-old Indian origin woman, is all set to begin her solo car journey from United Kingdom to India, which she plans to complete in 75 days. If successful, she will become the first woman driver in the world to complete a transcontinental car journey alone, covering 28 countries and 31,000 km. This will include 5,500 km of mountains reaching the altitude of 3,700 metres above sea level, and driving 2,500 km through desert areas.

She will begin her journey on July 16 from Luton in England and her last stop will be Mahad in Maharashtra.

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According to reports, Bharulata holds dual citizenship of England and Australia. Her journey will be observed by the authorities at Guinness World Records as well. Bharulata plans to cover an average of 700 km every day, and 500 km per day in mountainous areas. Additionally, she will travel 708 km north of the Arctic Circle and if successful, will break the current record held by Victor Bruce, who drove with her husband 400 km to the north of Arctic Circle.

“No one has broken this record since 89 years. I am planning to reach the north-most point of Europe in Arctic Circle where the road ends and plant India’s flag there. Since the road ends there, no one will be able to break my record,” she told FPJ Bureau.

As of now, she has completed three of four test drives, in which she had to drive minimum 550 km in different parts of the world. Earlier, she had driven 1,740 km from Southern England to Aberdeen, Scotland in less than 18 hours while she was pregnant. She believes that she has the stamina to complete this journey too.

Bharulata is taking up this trip to raise funds for the provision of medical care for the poor and underprivileged in rural India.


She also wants to support the cause of ‘saving the girl child’, and ‘women empowerment and education’ in India through this drive.

She will enter India from the Imphal border, and will drive towards Delhi and other states, reaching Maharashtra via Gujarat and Rajasthan. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will welcome her on arrival.

All pictures: Facebook

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