When Men Grumble About Reserved Seats for Women On Delhi Metro, Aunty Ji Says It Like It Is!

A woman travelling in the Delhi Metro explains the reason behind the empty seats reserved for women. Dyuti Sudipta recounts the conversation.

A woman travelling in the Delhi Metro explains the reason behind the empty seats reserved for women.

The word ‘reservation’ often seems to send our country into a tizzy: whether it is education, jobs, or even seats in the metro!

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When one woman overheard two young men complaining about the all the empty seats reserved for women in the Delhi Metro, she took it upon herself to educate them about patriarchy and its effects on women in India.

Facebook user Dyuti Sudipta recounted the conversation:


Overheard in Metro.

Guy 1: Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai. Idhar side itna bhara hua hai, par fir bhi hume wahan…

Posted by Dyuti Sudipta on Monday, 18 April 2016


Here’s a translation:

Guy 1: Dude, see how empty the ladies coach is! This side is so full, and still, we’re not allowed to go sit there.

Guy 2: So true, dude! They’ve given the women an entire coach, which is never full. To add to this, they’ve given them two seats in our coach as well! And if happen to sit on these seats, we are made to get up even if their entire coach is empty! Can’t they fill up that coach first?

Badass Aunty: That’s because you aren’t even allowing them to be born. And if by some miracle, they are born, then you do very everything in your power to stop them from studying, from going out. Why don’t you stop all this….stop killing them in the womb, stop drowning them in milk, stop holding them back from doing things. Then see, women will not only fill up metro seats, but will fill up offices, sports fields and everything else. But that’s exactly what you’re afraid of, isn’t it?

Here’s to more badass aunties dismantling the patriarchy!


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