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5 Useful Resources That Can Help Women Battling Domestic Abuse in India

5 Useful Resources That Can Help Women Battling Domestic Abuse in India

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Domestic abuse is a violation of basic human rights and its prevalence in pockets of the country is disconcerting – no woman should have to go through that kind of pain or suffering. However, the good news is that many people are ready to help and are working tirelessly to bring about change. Here’s a curated list of some great resources for those seeking help –

1. Abhay helpline

abhay helpline

Source:  Abhay helpline

Based in Pune, a team of legal professionals started this initiative to combat domestic violence. They wish to tackle domestic violence and also deal with those who misuse the Domestic Violence Act. The key here is to give both legal and moral support to those who need it the most. Here’s their website to know more. Emergency Contact: +91 09423827818

2. Shakti Shalini

shakti shalini

Source: Shakti Shalini

Shakti Shalini was started with the intention of taking a step closer toward establishing equal rights for men and women. The organisation tries to empower women and help them overcome abuse by making them realize their inner strength. Eradicating societal discrimination is their number one priority. Emergency Contact: +91 9711053706 and +91 9811390630

3. Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA)


Source: SNEHA

SNEHA works with women in several parts of Mumbai such as the Dharavi slums to battle horrifying acts of physical violence. They counsel women and provide them with moral support. There also organize regular group sessions to spread awareness in order to prevent further abuse. If the victim doesn’t show up for a meeting, someone from the NGO calls up to find out the cause and ensure constant support. Emergency Contact: +91 9833092463

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4. Aks Foundation and Neo-Gandhian Aid Organizations India helpline

aks foundation

Source: Aks Foundation

Aks Foundation provides aid to victims of domestic abuse and wants them to be survivors against all odds. The helpline is a 24-hour crisis line that was launched in 2013. They have helped several women seeking help and refuge. Various workshops have been organized in the past by the members of the NGO in a bid to spread awareness about such a prevalent social issue. Emergency Contact: +91 8793088814 /15 /16

5. Ashraya Women’s Centre


Source: Ashraya

Ashraya Women’s Centre is for women who’ve faced physical as well as mental abuse. They provide support, rehabilitation, and counselling coupled with training and legal help. They work towards helping the women focus on new beginnings and have a two-year training programme which includes job placements and health care. Check out their website for more information. Emergency Contact: +918025251929

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