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Vandana Lost Her Life Because She Couldn’t Get to a Doctor in Time. Let This Not Happen Again!

The people of Pimpaldhara village are losing many precious lives just because no vehicle can reach them due to lack of roads. We appeal to our readers to help these villagers get this basic amenity.

Vandana Haridas Mirase had a family of five. Her husband Haridas, sons Milind and Amol, and daughter Radha relied on her for every single thing. The family had moved to Pimpaldhara in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra to stay near their farm, not knowing how this one decision would change their lives.

Since the village is located in the middle of a jungle, the villagers have to deal with snakes and wild animals making an appearance near their homes once it is dark. On one fateful day in 2012, Vandana was bitten by a snake in front of her house.

Vandana’s life could have been saved, had Pimpaldhara been well-connected by road with the rest of the world. But, unfortunately, this tiny village is still waiting for roads after 68 years of independence.

The kuchcha roads of Pimpaldhara are full of stones and pits; hence no vehicle can reach the village.

road (1)
The kuchcha road is full of stones and potholes – for 3 km.

The villagers either have to walk or use bullock carts to reach the nearest road at Khadakdari, which is 3 km away. Also, if there is an emergency, they have to travel 12 km to Pusad to see a doctor as the doctors visit Khadakdari only twice a week.

When Vandana was bitten by the snake, the villagers placed her on a cot and started running towards Khadakdari. They ran as fast as they could but it was a losing battle against time and distance – Vandana died on the way.

road2 (1)
The village is located in the middle of a jungle.

“It has been four years now but we cannot forget that fateful day. We all tried hard to save her. But there isn’t a way to reach the doctor faster as no one is able to get a vehicle inside our village because of lack of roads,” says Mr. Dindalkar, a villager.

You can help by donating to Shivprabha’s Fundraiser

Villagers in Pimpaldhara can get medical help in time with a little help from you.

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A similar case was that of Anusaya Krishna Ingle, who was going to deliver her baby. Anusaya was carried in a bullock cart to see a doctor. But she delivered the baby in the cart, much before the villagers could reach Khadakdari. The mother and the baby were finally taken to Pusad. However, Anusaya lost her life due to excess bleeding on the way. The baby battled for his life for 14 days and then succumbed to death.

These three lives could easily have been saved if only the village of Pimpaldhara had a road connecting it with the outside world. It’s not too late – you can help others who may be injured, sick and dying in the future reach a medical facility in time. Please donate generously.

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