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15 Brilliant Pictures of India’s Longest Train Ride – from Assam to Tamil Nadu

India’s longest train journey lasts three days and four nights on-board train number 15906, the Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express. This train connects the north-eastern state of Assam to the southernmost city in the country – a distance of 4,273 km covered in 83 hours (if there is no delay). While not many passengers choose this train for the entire route, there was one tourist last month who was in there to experience the journey, not for the destination.

Canadian tourist, Ed Hanley started his journey on January 30 at 10:45 pm and stayed with the train till the very end. “As Kurt Vonnegut said, ‘Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God’, and it was in search of a new dance that I purchased a one-way ticket on the longest train in India,” he wrote on his blog.

A quick chat with the TTE helped him confirm that he was the only passenger in the train who was travelling from the beginning till the end.

Amidst beautiful sunsets, everlasting snacks, lots of tea, numerous people to speak with and a lot more, Ed documented the entire journey in pictures and videos. Here is a look:

6:10am, good morning Diphu, Assam #TeaCount is 2 #KanyakumariExpress #traindiary

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on

Hustle. #KanyakumariExpress #traindiary

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on

Tea number...uh...twenty-something...
Tea number…uh…twenty-something…

Source: Ed Hanley

Three hijras with cash they've collected from passengers on the train. Hijras are transwomen (male-to-female transsexual or transgender individuals). #transwoman #transgender #transsexual #traindiary #KanyakumariExpress

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on

Good morning from the #KanyakumariExpress #traindiary

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on



Scarecrow. #KanyakumariExpress #traindiary #pothead

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on

Stripes. #KanyakumariExpress #morning #trainlife

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on


Sleeper class. I can't even get through the first 2 sleeper cars… #KanyakumariExpress #traindiary

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on

4,273km 86 hours later (only 1 hour late!) and that's a wrap. Thank you #KanyakumariExpress Now, I shower.

A photo posted by Ed Hanley (@edhanley27) on


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