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MY STORY: I Adopted a Child with Down Syndrome. Here’s What I Wish for Him.

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On January 1, 2016, Aditya Tiwari, a resident of Pune, made history by becoming India’s youngest single parent to adopt a special child. He adopted Binney, a child living with Down syndrome. This is his story of the two eventful months since then.

Let me introduce to you Avnish Aditya Tiwari (Binney), who was born on March 16 and has turned exactly 2 years old this month.

I am proud to say that he is my son and the most special gift I have received from God. I feel blessed!


When a single man adopts a child, it puts him way outside the societal norms. The world certainly looks at you differently, but even the way you look at yourself undergoes a drastic change. From being a bachelor to becoming a father – I suddenly found myself flipping roles after Binney’s arrival into my world. Being a father is definitely not easy, but what makes it special is to be a father to a child with Down syndrome.

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder. It manifests itself as physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and moderate intellectual disability. But all thanks to my understanding and my supportive parents who have showered their grandson with loads of love and care, these symptoms have faded into the background.

The love spell has worked its magic in just three months and I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between Binney and his “normal” friends if you met them.


I want to believe that it would be the same as he grows up. But deep down I know and slightly fear that it won’t be so. Nevertheless, it is always better to accept the facts early on and prepare yourself well to deal with them. I have come to realise that Binney may start facing challenges from his early pre-school days.

I am sure he would do great with music, art and activity learning, but he might struggle with the concepts of language, grammar, mathematics and the sciences.


My vision for Binney is far from building his IQ. I’d simply rather hone his EQ. I want him to grow to know and witness the beauty of nature – the fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees around a bush of fragrant roses, the sound of a fresh-water stream, the whistling wind as it rushes through an army of tall trees, and the captivity of gazing at a starlit night sky. I wish for him to play with colours and to paint his life’s canvas with many bright ones. I want him to feel the healing touch of music and to know how each note brightens his mood. I wish he learns to dance, and dances like he doesn’t care about who is watching him. I want him to dream and believe and create for that is the real purpose of life. I wish for him to fly so high that he takes his thoughts farther than ever.

And I wish this for him and all children. I hope to show him the better side of the world and I hope he finds a community that supports the same.


Avnish will definitely grow to be normal but I’d still love him to be different and unique in his own ways. It would be a pride to see how he stands amongst many and yet shines the brightest. It is therefore not only my responsibility but also my honour to give him the best and more – always and forever.

– Aditya Tiwari

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