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MY STORY: CBSE Exam Paper Leak Victim’s Earnest Appeal to the HRD Ministry

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Hundreds of students, who took the Class 12 mathematics board exam on March 15, demanded that CBSE should re-conduct the exam because the questions were unexpectedly tough and lengthy. Additionally, several students from Ranchi in Jharkhand alleged that the question paper had been leaked beforehand. One such student shares the experience.

I sat for my Class 12 mathematics board examination yesterday. During my preparation for this exam, I had solved the NCERT book about seven times and had practised many sample papers. However, there were rumours that the question paper had been leaked in Ranchi, and were being circulated via social media. The same thing had happened during our Chemistry exam too – the leaked question paper was circulated via WhatsApp and we found that the final questions were exactly the same.

So I was just praying that the questions should be different from those being circulated this time. On reaching the examination centre, I found that students were solving just a specific set of questions – some from the topic, inverse trigonometric function, and others were from integration. Students who had not studied for the entire year, started mocking me when I entered the exam hall. “What did you gain by studying for the whole year,” they asked, while challenging that they will score full marks.

I sat in the hall, hoping against hope that the questions won’t match. But my prayers went unheard. The questions were exactly the same – even the numbers.


Picture for representation only. Source: Flickr

I solved some questions, but it was really hard for me to concentrate, knowing that the paper had been leaked. Additionally, the student sitting beside me was creating a disturbance, trying to see my answers.

I was trying very hard, but all in vain. Moreover, the questions were a lot tougher and lengthier than expected, and that made it even more difficult for me to cope. I was having a hard time and could not stop myself from crying profusely. Unfortunately, I could not even solve those questions that I knew how to, just because of the stress.

Later, I came to know that most of the questions (carrying four or six marks) had been leaked. This accounted for about 80% of the paper. I saw students who would have found it difficult to pass the exam otherwise, smiling and happy because they knew what was coming.

I didn’t want the paper to be easier or anything. I just wanted the exam to be fair. I am from a middle class family and I can hardly afford studying in any private university. My aim was to score 95% or above in these exams, and to qualify the JEE mains to get admission in a good government college!

I was so saddened by the state of affairs that I wanted to commit suicide after the exam. But my teachers helped me realise the importance of life.

All I want now is a fair exam for every student. But CBSE’s regional coordinator in Jharkhand, Manohar Lal, is not even admitting that the paper was leaked. He is saying that the circulated questions were just based on guesses. Students, teachers, and the media – everybody knew that the paper was leaked, but the Board is still denying the truth. I want justice – not only for myself, but for all the meritorious, hard-working students who prepared well for these exams.

I am not here just to talk about the trauma I faced, but I am sharing the pain of thousands of students. Our future is at stake here. I request the authorities to conduct a fair re-examination and ensure that the paper is not leaked. I request the HRD Minister to look into the issue and grant us our right.

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