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This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Promoting Road Safety With a 3D Painted Zebra Crossing. It’s Brilliant!

This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Promoting Road Safety With a 3D Painted Zebra Crossing. It’s Brilliant!

Road safety in Ahmedabad is taking a creative turn, all thanks to Saumya Pandya Thakkur and Shakuntala Pandya. This mother-daughter duo painted a stunning 3D zebra crossing as an experiment, which authorities in the city have applauded as a successful method to caution drivers.

According to Saumya, 3D street art is fairly new in India, and such designs always cause curiosity and wonder. “That is the reason of its success in Ahmedabad,” she said on a post on her Facebook page.

With permission from the concerned authorities, the 3D zebra crossings have been put in place mainly at accident prone zones of the city.

Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya. Source:
Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya. Source:

Taking inspiration from foreign countries, where it is widely used, their design is a flat pattern that is painted at an angle such that it slightly causes the zebra crossing to pop up for approaching drivers, encouraging them to slow down. It does not, however, create major disruptions to the driver’s view. “Forget about risks of sudden braking, as on the actual spot it is just mild slanting stripes with micro 3D effects,” she said, mindful of drivers’ safety.

While they are restricted in design due to regulations by the roadworks authorities, word on the street is that it can be quite effective. “The authorities have tested the effects in Ahmedabad and have approved it as a successful concept till now,” she said. The design is also eligible for copyright, she added.

Saumya has been involved with art since childhood. Deeply in love with nature, many of her exhibitions promote a sense of connection with nature. She runs an art hub called ‘Saumya’s Wet Brush $234P’ since 2000, and also teaches art to children and senior citizens.

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