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These Newly Launched Solar Powered Autorickshaws Will Help Bengaluru Fight Pollution

Autorickshaws that run on solar power have been launched in Bengaluru to fight the problem of pollution caused by diesel or gas consuming vehicles.

Launched on March 5, the electric auto is named ElecRic and it does not emit any air pollutants.


Picture for representation only. Source: Kenny Lam/Flickr

ElecRic has been designed by RJMS-EV, a private company that manufactures electric vehicles and their components in Bengaluru. The company came up with the design by converting a normal auto running on gas to a solar auto. They also have a patent for ElecRic and one auto costs only Rs. 2 lakh.

The first batch of autos has been launched for a pilot project. ElecRic can run for 110 km with five hours of charge. Umesh Chandra, one of the directors of RJMS-EV, suggested that the government should create charging points near metro stations or government offices and banks. This will help drivers get easy access to charging points and will also help solve the last mile commute problem, wherein people have difficulties finding a mode of transportation after getting off a metro or a bus.

“The government is giving the opportunities for entrepreneurs, solar power sector and mobility providers. Two stroke auto owners should be enabled to accommodate the technology in their autos to make the transition happen,” Umesh Chandra told The Times of India.

A two-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine in which a power cycle is completed in two strokes. Such engines lead to a lot of exhaust pollution, which is caused when the two-stroke oil used for lubrication is burned in the combustion chamber.

Featured image credit: The Times of India 

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