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Invention: Silencer for Generators that also reduces emissions

Virendra Kumar Sinha is a resident of Belbanwa colony, Motihari town in the East Champaran district of Bihar. He possessed a generator set which started inviting many complaints from his neighbours and other people of the colony. After being told that the set is causing too much sound and air pollution, Virendra decided to do something about it himself. The result: A silencer which not only reduces the sound levels but also decreases the level of carbon emission!

An article in The Mint reports about Virendra and his innovation:

Virendra Kumar Sinha, a resident of Belbanwa colony of the Motihari town, has invented the silencer-cum-exhaust filter for the generator set after a hard work of six years. 

Sinha said his product was put under test in three stages in the laboratory of Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi, where it was proved that the product was capable of reducing about 60 to 70 per cent of the harmful carbon-dioxide and carbon-monoxide gases emitted by generators.

The invention has now been patented by Virendra.

Considering that a huge number of generator sets are being used in India, and that this invention helps in bringing down carbon emissions signficantly, it is a great boost to reducing the levels of pollution of our country. We look forward to this invention being rapidly delivered to all generator sets and at minimal costs, thereby helping India’s environment in the long run!

Read the complete article here.

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