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Soon You’ll Get Uniform Receipts and Better Service at Toll Plazas. Here’s What the NHAI Is Doing.

The new guidelines prescribe standardised receipts as well as uniforms for staff members.

The new guidelines prescribe standardised receipts as well as uniforms for staff members. 

Following a series of complaints about lack of uniformity in operations and misbehaviour by the staff of toll plazas, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has issued a ‘Code of Conduct’ for toll plaza operators. All NHAI toll plaza operators must mandatorily comply with these new policy guidelines and standards. Among the new measures are a uniform dress code for toll plaza staff, standardised format for display of toll rates, and standardised format for toll plaza receipt.

Staff must wear similar uniforms and be given training


As per the new guidelines, every toll plaza staff member must wear a navy blue uniform with adequate features for safety and easy identification. The toll plaza operators must also ensure that the staff members are given a minimum training for seven days at least, to acquaint themselves with the do’s and don’ts prescribed by NHAI.  The staff should carry the training certificate and produce it for verification during surprise checks by NHAI. The toll plaza operators must also maintain a register of the plaza staff,  including the details of their pre-job training.

Detailed list of do’s & don’ts for toll plaza staff

The guidelines also contain a detailed list of do’s and don’ts for the entire user fee collection staff.  Here are the important do’s

  • Staff should wear a clean & proper uniform
  • No staff should be on duty in a drunken state
  • They have to behave courteously with road users
  • They have to be alert and extend help to commuters during emergency
  • User fee rates should be displayed at each toll booth
  • Should return exact change
  • Should issue proper receipt with all details
  • Toll plaza should be properly lit and must be kept clean
  • All toll lanes must be operational 24/7
  • No beggars/vendors must be allowed at toll plazas
  • Complaint book with numbered pages must be available 24/7

Standardised receipt must be issued by toll plazas


The NHAI has prescribed a standardised format for issuing the toll receipts. The receipt must be of the size 8cm X 12cm and should contain the names of NHAI & toll plaza operator. The receipt must be printed in two or more languages as appropriate and each line in the receipt must have the same font size. The receipt must contain the toll plaza location, helpline no., ambulance contact no., crane contact no., etc.

Standardised boards with the rates must be displayed

The guidelines also mandate the toll plaza operators to display a board of size 1.1m X 1.1m above every toll window. The display board should have a green background with white text in two or three languages with all the information about the rates. It should have details of single journey, return journey, monthly pass, and local rates for various types of vehicles.

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Written by Rakesh Dubbudu for Factly and republished here in arrangement with Factly.