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VIDEO: This National Chess Player’s Powerful Plea to the Jat Community Will Give You Goosebumps

VIDEO: This National Chess Player’s Powerful Plea to the Jat Community Will Give You Goosebumps

Haryana is burning. Since the last nine days, the Jat community has been staging protests demanding reservation by the government. It is a prominent community in Haryana and therefore one of the most influential ones in the state.

The agitation is taking place in Rohtak, Jhajjar and Bhiwani — the three districts that are part of the state’s Jat belt.


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As many as 19 people have been killed in the agitations and many have been injured. Houses and buses have been set ablaze. ATMs have been looted.

Amid all the chaos there have been a few people, including cricketer Virender Sehwag and boxer Vijender Singh, appealing the community to drop the violence and carry out the protests in a calm manner. Like them, Anuradha Beniwal, a former chess champion from Haryana and a Jat herself, has called out the protesters for their violent methods.

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“Ram Ram, Namaskar! I am Anuradha Beniwal, a national chess champion. My first coach was a Thakkar, the second was a Pandit. I have played with a Mahavir and a Soni. These are the people who taught me how to play chess. They never thought of someone as a Jat, Kumhar or Baniya. All they knew was I understood chess. The fact that I’m a Jat didn’t matter to them. And you burnt the entire State. The Sainis may have said something. The Thakkars may have said something else. Are you a fool? They said it so will you burn our schools? Will you burn your own soil? If I say something to you, will you burn your own house? You have burnt your own house, not America’s or Pakistan’s. Our trees are destroyed. Do you understand? You have set Meham on fire. You have not burnt Lahore, you have burnt your own house. What will you do with this reservation and these jobs, when there will be no schools? What will you do with the reservations when there are no capable teachers to teach in our schools, no faculty in colleges? Who will have the guts to come here? Which company will come and set up a branch here? You will burn everything. Government jobs will not do. We have to create an environment of development for outsiders to come and invest here. And I don’t see this as an environment of development. We can do anything. Our people are farmers, are in the army, and are Olympic champions. Then why are you defaming us? Why are you defaming our Haryana? No one will gain anything from this. This violence is only leading to loss…tremendous loss.”.

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