This Delhi-Based Artist Wants to Buy an Ambulance. All Because of His Love for Animals.

Anupam could never comprehend why someone would ignore an animal that was lying on the road, howling in pain.

Delhi-based artist Anupam Tomer is one of those rare souls who rescue injured animals on the streets. His wife and he have been associated with various animal organisations and shelters. The indifference of others to the plight of strays used to make them both very angry. Anupam could never comprehend why someone would ignore an animal that was lying on the road, howling in pain.

Anupam’s own dog Mocha was abandoned three years ago.

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He considers her to be one of the greatest joys of his life.

“After a bit of introspection, I realised that most people who see an animal lying injured on the road, don’t know what to do about the situation.  I think people want to help, but probably don’t know how to go about it,” he says.

Anupam’s close association with the animal shelters in Delhi made him realise not all of them had the infrastructure to rescue animals every day. He understood that the lack of funds and animal ambulances were coming in the way of wounded or abandoned animals getting help.

After dwelling on this problem, Anupam came up with the idea of ‘Project Paw Rescue’.

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Through this initiative, he wants to provide stray animals with a rescue van that will help them receive timely attention.  Anupam is raising money to buy a secondhand van and convert it into an ambulance for animals.  He plans to donate it to Voice of Voiceless, an animal shelter.

“The organisation has a fund crunch and can’t afford to buy an ambulance now. It is also something the organisation really needs,” he says.

Apart from helping animals get rescued, Anupam feels an ambulance might help create awareness on animals and their rights. A lot of people don’t know about the concept of animal rescue and Anupam is positive that through this initiative, the love for animals will grow.

“It is the least I can do for them. This is just the beginning. I am certain that this facility will help in changing the mindsets of people,” he says.

The artist in him also wants to use the van as a canvas to draw more people in towards the cause. On the ambulance, Anupam plans to paint the names of each individual and organisation who have contributed.

As a token of his appreciation, Anupam will send a limited edition calendar, a certificate, and an original fine art print to those who contribute Rs. 1,000 and above to the fund.

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For those who contribute more than Rs. 10,000 to the fund, Anupam plans to give an original handmade artwork of his, apart from the thank you certificate and the calendar.

Anupam is raising funds for the animal rescue van through Milaap. To contribute to the initiative, visit this page.

Featured image source: Flickr/Makwa

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